The Prince Charles Secret Letters Expose – Between the lines

Prince_Charles_sig_3302125bI am worried that this might be the second politically themed blog in as many weeks. Guido Fawkes we are not, but here goes…

So, The Guardian has spent 10 years and close to half a million of tax payers money disclosing a series of letters between Prince Charles and Tony Blair sent between 2004-2005 and the only real expose is how poor his handwriting is. Indeed, I would have hoped, given the best education that money can buy, that his longhand might have been a little neater but it is now clear that all the effort to publish the letters was not worth all the fuss. I suspect this was not the scoop the journalists had been rubbing their hands over all these years.

What actually come across in the letters is how ‘in-touch’ he is and how much he genuinely seems to care about certain issues, particularly around the state of British farming. He was certainly before his time in warning of Britain’s lack of self-sufficiency and his concern about the power of the supermarkets- matters that have, in recent years, come to prominence through various campaigns by the NFU. I could not help but feel, when reading the letters, that if any of the actual politicians cared as much there might be a little bit more optimism around at the moment. In short Charley came across as one of the good guys. Royalist or not, I think that cannot be denied.

Of course there is mild controversy for his avocation of the badger cull but who could not have predicted his view on that issue?!. He is himself a farmer and all farmers advocate culling.

Perhaps the massive spend in legal fees and the time taken to get these letters in the public domain was worth it after all. British farming can now be sure they have a tireless campaigner and lobbyist on their side who does not crave publicity for his efforts. We should all take some comfort in that.

– James

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  1. I agree totally. I agree with Charles’ views on architecture as well. He has some odd views in other respects, but he’s dead right here.

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  2. It is a shame he drives a German Audi

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    • The royal family have a long tradition of support British automotive industry, so let’s not be too harsh on them. If he does drive an Audi it is quite likely that it is under the some sort of EU derived procurement thing, the same as all the other state owned vehicles.

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      • The Queen supports British industry unfortunately Prince Charles chooses to drive a German car.

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  3. After publishing an article like that you should be in line for a gong.

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    • If you could put a good word in come the New Years honours list we would be most grateful 😉

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